Couni Event

Couni Event, The Conscious Society Event On August 24th

Newspolitans,Couni Event is dedicated to lightworkers – inspirational human beings that have accepted their mission to heal others and the planet. It...
Ecstatic Dance Festival 2019

Ecstatic Dance Festival Bali 2019|Book Now!

Newspolitans, Ecstatic Dance Festival Bali 2019 will be in Ubud. One of the beautiful boutique resorts The Mansion Resort Hotel and Spa...
An evening of culinary adventure with two of Bali’s top chefs

An Evening of Culinary Adventure With Two of Bali’s Top Chefs

Uma Cucina presents the upcoming event at Uma Cucina on May 30th 2019 for an evening of culinary adventure with two of...
Sunday Pool Party

Sunday Pool Party At The Mansion Wellness

Newspolitans, Sunday pool party at The Mansion Wellness starts from 12-6PM. Having been organized for a couple of times, surprisingly the number...
The Great 50 Show Bali

The Great 50 Show|Oriental Circus Indonesia

Newspolitans, To celebrate a 50-year journey of Oriental Circus Indonesia, They gladly to present "The Great 50 Show" The amazing performances that...
Ubud Farmers and Sunday market

Ubud Farmers And Sunday Market At The Mansion Bali

Newspolitans, Ubud farmers and Sunday Market at The Mansion Bali has recently become a weekly regular event. The farmers market is every...

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Cilok Sultan

Bangkit di Masa Pandemi,Pelaku Hospitality Sasar Usaha Kuliner!

Newspolitans, Hampir setahun sudah pandemi corona menghantui berbagai sektor usaha. Pandemi korona tersebut telah mengakibatkan banyak perusahaan mengalami penurunan omset. Salah satu...
Pizza Lezat di Ubud

Pizza Lezat Di Ubud|L’Osteria Pizza & Cucina

Newspolitans, Pizza lezat di Ubud kini bisa dinikmati bersama teman dan keluarga di L'Osteria Pizza and Cucina. Seperti kita ketahui, sebagian besar...
The Mansion Bali lolos sertifikasi CHSE

The Mansion Bali Lolos Sertifikasi CHSE,Score 98%

Newspolitans, The Mansion Bali lolos sertifikasi CHSE dengan score 98%. Uji sertifikasi CHSE (Cleanliness,Healthy,Safety and Enviromental Sustainability) ini berlangsung pada Jumat,20 November...