The Great 50 Show Bali

The Great 50 Show|Oriental Circus Indonesia

Newspolitans, To celebrate a 50-year journey of Oriental Circus Indonesia, They gladly to present "The Great 50 Show" The amazing performances that...
NewEarth Festival 2019

NewEarth Festival 2019 Will Take Place On The Island of The Gods

Newspolitans, NewEarth Festival 2019 will take place on the Island of the Gods - June 19th – 25th . It is an...
Sunday Pool Party

Sunday Pool Party At The Mansion Wellness

Newspolitans, Sunday pool party at The Mansion Wellness starts from 12-6PM. Having been organized for a couple of times, surprisingly the number...
Ecstatic Dance Festival 2019

Ecstatic Dance Festival Bali 2019|Book Now!

Newspolitans, Ecstatic Dance Festival Bali 2019 will be in Ubud. One of the beautiful boutique resorts The Mansion Resort Hotel and Spa...
Bali Sakti Culture

Yayasan Darma Semara Girang & Bali Sakti Culture Memiliki Visi Untuk Melestarikan Kebudayaan Nusantara

Yayasan Darma Semara Girang yang kini menjadi Bali Sakti Culture terus mengawal visi misi yang mulia. Ditengah kencangnya...
Bali Wise

Hats Off To Inspiring Women Who Make A Difference

Newspolitans, Bali WISE annual International Women's Day event is inspired by the courage and perseverance of Indonesian women who dedicate their lives...

Ribuan Warga Antusias Berparptisipasi Dan Menyaksikan Pawai Ogoh-Ogoh 2019 Di Denpasar Barat

Newspolitans, – Rintik hujan di sore hari pada hari pengerupukan Rabu,6 Maret 2019 tidak menyurutkan niat warga Denpasar Barat,Bali untuk memeriahkan pawai ogoh-ogoh. Berbagai...
Agoda Blood Donation

85 kantung darah terkumpul dalam kegiatan “The 21st Kebo Iwa Blood Donation”

Newspolitans, Komunitas Peduli Bali bekerja sama dengan Agoda Bali melaksanakan kegiatan donor darah dengan tema “The 21st Kebo Iwa Blood Donation”. Kegiatan yang berlangsung pada Rabu,...
Ubud Hotels Association

Ubud Hotels Association (UHA) Melaksanakan Kegiatan “Meresik Ring Pura Besakih”

Newspolitans, Jumat,22 Februari 2019, Ubud Hotel Association (UHA) Melaksanakan Kegiatan Bakti Sosial “Meresik Ring Pura Besakih”. Kegiatan Meresik ini merupakan salah satu agenda rutin...
Couni Event

Couni Event, The Conscious Society Event On August 24th

Newspolitans,Couni Event is dedicated to lightworkers – inspirational human beings that have accepted their mission to heal others and the planet. It...

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