Rooftop Acoustic Cafe

Rooftop Cafe In Denpasar: The Roof|Sekar Jambu!

Newspolitans, Rooftop cafe in Denpasar is a favorite spot for millennials to hang out and chill. Many of them prefer to spend...
Plant-Based Restaurant Plumeria

Plant-Based Restaurant: At Plumeria Sayan Ubud

Newspolitans, Plant-based restaurant in Ubud is now having a new one "Plumeria Restaurant".This restaurant is part of a newly built Mansion Wellness....
Google 360 Photo

Bali 360 Photo Agency: Rumah Virtual 360

Newspolitans, Bali 360 Photo Agency Rumah Virtual 360 is very suitable for business exposure. Basically, it really helpful for many business owners...
Sunday Pool Party

Sunday Pool Party At The Mansion Wellness

Newspolitans, Sunday pool party at The Mansion Wellness starts from 12-6PM. Having been organized for a couple of times, surprisingly the number...
Ubud Farmers and Sunday market

Ubud Farmers And Sunday Market At The Mansion Bali

Newspolitans, Ubud farmers and Sunday Market at The Mansion Bali has recently become a weekly regular event. The farmers market is every...
Ubud Wellness

Ubud Wellness: Mansion Wellness Centre

Newspolitans, Ubud wellness recently became very popular. This happens because Ubud has a very good spirit for this kind of activity. Many...
Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat In Ubud Is At The Mansion Bali

Newspolitans, Yoga retreat in Bali recently often refers to Ubud. It is something common as more and more international yoga retreat organizers...
Berjalan tanpa alas kaki untuk kesehatan

Berjalan Tanpa Alas Kaki Untuk Kesehatan

Newspolintas, Berjalan tanpa alas kaki untuk kesehatan sepertinya perlu kita coba.Kegiatan ini biasa juga disebut dengan grounding. Aktivitas yang biasanya dilakukan di...
Villa Lotus Lembongan


Newspolitans, 5 recommended villas in Lembongan will be your reference to stay for your holiday. Talking about a holiday in Indonesia, Bali...
Ubud Bamboo Art Monument

Ubud Bamboo Woven Art: The Mansion Bali Centre Stage

Newspolitans,-Ubud bamboo woven art is at The Mansion Bali Center Stage. It is for all MICE tourism market. This woven art stands...

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Ubud Healthy Affordable Restaurant

Ubud Healthy Affordable Restaurant: Wanara Spice

Newspolitans, Ubud healthy affordable restaurant is one a must to enjoy during in Bali. Many know Ubud is very famous not only...
Ubud Budget Hotel

Ubud Budget Hotel: Sonia Bisma

Newspolitans, Ubud budget hotel is becoming an alternative option to stay during the holiday. Many visitors keen to enjoy the beautiful nature...
Bali Infinity Pool

Bali Infinity Pool: 5 Resorts And Villas With It To Visit!

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