Ubud Food Festival 2022 | 24-26 June


Newspolitans, Ubud Food Festival 2022! After being on hiatus for two years due to the pandemic, now the Ubud festival is back for culinary lovers. Ubud Food Festival 2022 will champion the people behind the scenes of Indonesian culinary culture with the theme Hero.

With the theme of Heroes, this event is here again to honor the talents of young and old who play a role in educating the world of Indonesian gastronomy, as well as international chefs and food lovers who they bring for tradition , share food and their story.

This festival will explore how the diversity of the world’s fourth most populous country plays an important role in its culinary delights.

Ubud Food Festival 2022!

Programs that you can follow:

Special occasion

From long table lunches to culinary collaborations between Southeast Asia’s leading chefs, our Special Events bring the best of Bali to the table.

Details of the Special Event Program is HERE

Master class

Our Festival Master Class will give visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with the star culinary cast. You can learn directly how to make some of their most iconic dishes, listen as they share cooking techniques and insights inspired by their own community of traditions.

Details of the Masterclass Program is HERE

Culinary Theater

Celebrating the delicacy and diversity of Indonesian cuisine; on the Culinary Theater stage, you can create for the most talented chefs in the archipelago. Best of all? This is included in your daily ticket.

Details of the Culinary Theater Program is HERE

Food for Thought

A place for engaging conversations and unique insights, the Food for Thought Stage is an opportunity for producers and consumers to come together to share stories, exchange ideas, and unite in supporting a vibrant and sustainable future for the culinary industry.

Details of the Food for Thought Program is HERE

Food Tours

Join us on our Food Tours as we take culinary walks to experience the sights, smells and the latest of this incredibly diverse region.

Details of the Food Tours Program is HERE

Film Screening

Grab a plate of food, find a seat, then enjoy a screening of the latest Indonesian culinary film under the stars.

Details of the Film Screening Program is HERE

Live Music & Art

As the sun goes down, it will only get warmer at UFF 2022. In the evening, we bring you the most talented young musicians in Bali.

Details of the Live Music & Art Program is HERE

Kids Events

Ready for some kid-friendly sessions? Bring your little ones along and join our series of colorful kids events to keep them busy at the festival.

Details of the Kids Events Program is HERE

Daily program schedule is here at DAILY SCHEDULE



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