Bali Rockin Blues Festival 2022!


Newspolitans, Bali Rockin Blues Festival 2022! Having been very successful in its past events, the upcoming event will be held on June 10th & 11th , 2022. After the long waiting, it is time for all blues and rockin fans to huddle together for rocking on. Pregina Production as one Bali most famous music and event producer will invite some talented famous blues artists to perform at Taman Inspirasi Muntig Siokan, Sanur. 

Bali Rockin Blues Festival 2022!

Bali Rockin Blues Festival

On a day 1, June 10th, 2022 there will be Three brother feat Balasina Komang Rama and Danan Jaya, Winnie The Blues feat Angga Waskita, Bluesmate North Bali Cross Road, Ronaldgang, White Swan, Setyaki Project with Benni, Manto and Balawan.

On a day 2, June 11th, 2022 there will be The Smallaxe Bali feat Gus Kobar and Bobi Dinar, Sound of Mine feat Gus Agung, Tjok Bagus, Made Mawut, Glambeer feat Ide Kakoel and Gung Cahya, Arya Novanda x Blues Traveler, Crazy Horse feat Gus Tilem, Gus Bas & Mang Layang.

This event is organized besides as an annual event but also as an effort to recover the tourism industry after the long break due to pandemics. The entrance ticket is IDR 25K and for more info please direct to +6281237949040.

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