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Newspolitans, Family-friendly cafe in Denpasar is at Bron The Urban Cafe. Recently, many newlyweds are seeking a space that comforts them with delicious foods but at the same time want to please their children with something enjoyable. To play in the natural garden, to have an intimate moment with their lovely ones, and of course to escape from a boring routine during the weekdays. Living in the capital city of Bali, Denpasar, mostly they have to drive away to some a bit remote area to find a tropical garden cafe to relax such as in Ubud or some other locations. But it is good to know now that Bron The Urban Cafe is really here for us, just in Denpasar.

Family Friendly Cafe In Denpasar

Family-friendly cafe in Denpasar is at Bron The Urban Cafe!

Bron The Urban Cafe is at Jalan Hayam Wuruk No.136 Denpasar. It is in the Renon area which is close to Sanur where many expats living. Bron is kind an oasis in the middle of city that can make your children be friendly with nature. You can have a good moment with your partner with cup of coffees and selection sweets Bron to offer, while at the same time, your children happy to play around at the wooden house play ground.

Happy tummy will be a happy family, that is what many says. Bron seemed really in favour with it. Besides its tropical garden, Bron offers various cuisines from western up to asiatic menu. Your kids will be not only happy during their visit but it can even be triple happy with “Triple Mix Max”. Triple Mix Max is one of favorite menu that Bron mostly offers to any children. It is a crispy savory chicken, crunchy mozzarela sticks with choice of french fries or mushroom. This savory is perfect with choclate or stawbery milkshake to complete you children happiness after they are too busy play around at the Bron playground. More food menu is available in Bron social account.

Family Friendly Cafe In Denpasar

With a very natural area and spacious enough, Bron is also availble for kids birthday party. It has hosted some of it with maximum capacity up to 50 pax to obey the health protocol guidelines. In addition to birthday party, Bron Cafe also rents out its venue for outdoor standing wedding party or some other corporate gathering activities. Bron opens daily from 9Am-11Pm, its friendly servers and culinary team are always ready to serve you.

Not only for its outdoor, Bron has also some indoor spaces for a small group of business meeting.For booking and inquiry you may please direct to its manager,Yoga at +6281999318965.


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