Bali Best Jewelry is At Astutik Jewelry


Newspolitans, Bali best jewelry is at Astutik Jewelry. Astutik as the founder has experienced this kind of business for more than 20 years. Many loyal customers trust her product and service. As a result, Astutik and her team keep prospering and developing up to now.

Locating in a central of Denpasar makes this jewelry is easy to find. It is at Jalan Tukad Gangga 9A, Renon Denpasar. It is just about 5 minutes away from Sanur. From Seminyak, you may take around 30 minutes on regular traffic conditions.

Most of the Astutik’s jewelry is black diamonds-based. However, it also has many other types of diamonds. It totally depends on the jewelry design as every design has its own soul. Some wedding rings, for instance. It is looked more elegant with a white diamond rather than the black one. Above all, any of its designs will sparkle your style.

Besides showing and selling its collection, Astutik Jewelry also offers some services. It offers jewelry reparation, modification, cleaning, basic analysis of customer’s jewelry. Other than that, it also offers special custom designs. All of its jewelry artisans are skillful and passionate. They use a 3D high technology machine. It is so helpful in order to produce the best quality design.

“As a loyal customer, i consider Astutik as one best jewelry shop in Bali. I have ordered some unique and luxury jewelry here. To be honest, I am always happy with the result. It beyond my expectation”, Carla said.

Bali Best Jewelry in The Heart of Denpasar!

From a legal viewpoint, Astutik Jewelry ensures its customers with an authentic certificate. Those certificates are for each jewelry. Astutik’s team consists of professional consultants. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask some questions or inquiries. For a consulting appointment, please feel free to contact +6281246645955 or fill up this form.

“Me and my team do this business with passion. For more than 10 years, we always serve the best for my customer. So it makes us always trusted. We produce luxury design and hand-crafting. Mostly, every user will be looked so elegant when wearing it “, Astutik said.

“You can use a code word “Newspolitans” for a special discount at Astutik Jewelry”, she added.



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