Ubud Healthy Affordable Restaurant: Wanara Spice


Newspolitans, Ubud healthy affordable restaurant is one a must to enjoy during in Bali. Many know Ubud is very famous not only for its beautiful nature but also for its cultural tradition. However, as matter of fact, Ubud has recently also become so popular for its positive ambiance. As a result, we can see many retreats, yoga, and wellness activities.

Among those activities, one important thing to support it is the supply of healthy food. Some say that the environment affects people’s lifestyles and attitudes. Ubud definitely proves it. Most visitors who are in Ubud tends to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. One way to implement it is by consuming healthy food. For this, Wanara Spice Restaurant is the one you should try to visit and enjoy.

Ubud Healthy Affordable Restaurant
Credit: Villa Sonia Bisma

Wanara Spice is one of Ubud healthy affordable restaurant. It is in Jalan Bisma. It is just around 5-10 minutes’ walk from the Ubud center and to Jalan Monkey Forest. This restaurant is part of newly renovated Villa Sonia Bisma. Here you can enjoy a variety of dishes. The good thing is that most of the ingredients are from the local farmers. Furthermore, the value of money is worthy compared to its healthiness, taste, and service.

Ubud Healthy Affordable Restaurant|Wanara Spice!

With a spacious venue, Wanara Spice is able to host up to 50 customers at the same time. Wherefore it is an open table restaurant, so every visitors are free to choose their favorite table. Here you can enjoy the tunes with over more than 500 selections. These lovely songs are set to make you feel so cozy during enjoying dishes. It is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Open from 7 Am-10.30 Pm. For a whole photo of Wanara Spice, you may see this virtual 360 photo.

To enjoy a day healthily activity, you can also do a booking for The Sonia Spa. With a professional and experienced therapist, they will definitely spoil you with selections of Balinese massage. For more info of Wanara Spice and its spa package is at www.villasoniabisma.com

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