Shala In Ubud: Fly Shala By Mansion Wellness.


Newspolitans, Shala in Ubud is so popular for any retreat activity. Many retreat facilitators love shala in Ubud because of its art and vibe. Mostly, those shalas are wood and bamboo made, yet so beautiful. Among those many shalas, Fly Shala By Mansion Wellness is the one you should visit and try.

Fly shala by Mansion Wellness is at the rooftop. This beautiful shala is able to accommodate up to 50-60 people for yoga. Covered with alang-alang roof and high scale from its tile to the ceiling makes this shala is so wonderful. This bamboo made shala is also perfect for areal class, fly yoga or even Yoga teachers training. Aside from this shala, there is a shallow sough with swings to chill. Most of the practitioners love to spend their time to see the beautiful sunset after the class in it.

Shala In Ubud
Fly Shala at Mansion Wellness

From here, you can enjoy the Plumeria Aquaponic Garden with its blue crystal pool. For a smaller group of yoga at the same deck, can be at Cakra Shala. This smaller shala is just next to Fly Shala. It is very good for a group of 10-20. Both of these shalas are bamboo made. It is just one floor above the Blue Crystal pool at Mansion Wellness.

There 8 Shalas in Mansion Wellness!

Besides those shalas, there are also other 6 shalas on site. Namely, are Moon Shala, Sun Shala, Star Shala, Octagon Shala, Wing Shala, and the greatest one is Royal Mansion Shala. Octagon shala is the only ground shala, the rest are in a second deck. All of those shalas are bamboo made except the octagon one. All those second deck shalas come with a tropical garden or pool view.

Mansion Wellness itself is the whole wellness concept at The Mansion Resort Hotel and Spa. Here, people can enjoy a one-stop wellness program and retreat. As soon as they check-in and stay, they can get many wellness holistic treatments. Besides those beautiful shalas, Mansion wellness is well recognized for its massage and spa. Established since 2000, this resort has won many international spa awards. Here, you can enjoy their other fabulous treatment and class. There are vitamin c high dose treatment, vitamin B12, colon hydrotherapy, detox, infrared and steambath therapy, dental treatment, gym, and pool access, breathing cold, breathwork, etc.

All those beautiful shalas and wellness treatments are becoming more perfect with the plant base meals option. Plumeria Restaurant is to supporting this wellness concept. With many delicious vegetarian and vegan options, retreat facilitators or participants are definitely enjoying their stay. For shala booking and retreat activity please direct to or

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