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Newspolitans, Bali Speed Gokart is one fun activity you should try with friends. Having been in Bali for over three years, Bali Speed Gokart has hosted so many racers. It used to operate in Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra for two years. However, since a year ago, it has been in Jalan Raya Kuta No 88X.

Bali Speed Gokart is open daily from 10 am-10 pm. Having moved to Kuta makes this activity is easier to be accessed for not only domestic but also for international visitors. Domestic visitors mostly come and go-karting during the weekend. On the other hand, International visitors come and enjoy it at any time they want with their guides or by walk-in.

Bali Speed Gocart
Night Race at Bali Speed Gocart

There are 14 units kart in total on-site. Ten units are for an adult with a 270CC, while the other four are for kids with only a 90CC engine capacity. Kids 6 years old and above are allowed to be on race, but definitely not for the younger ones. The ticket price is IDR 200.000 per person per 1x play. However, there is a special discount for those who play 3 times in a row at IDR 500.000.

Bali Speed Gokart Is Open For Booking At +6281259857788.

The one-lap length is 250 Meters. The duration of one race lasts for 7 minutes and a maximum of 4 carts. In other words, If you are 8 people then the competition has to be four by four on two different races. But, do not worry, they really care about safety matters. That is totally for the safety of the racers.

In order to make racers focus on enjoying the race, Bali Speed Gokart serves each race with the timing system. With this technology, every racer can see their best and fastest time. It can also certainly help them to know how best they are for over a day, a week or a month among the other racers.

As Bali Speed Gokart really cares about the safety matter, hence, it provides a complete safety gear. Balaclavas, helmets, gloves, jackets are always available. For safer, racers are better to come with their own shoes, rather than a slipper. Night race will be so much fun too as the lighting support is set properly. Furthermore, their spacious parking area is definitely a plus point for racers who come all together.

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