Ubud Meeting And Conference Resort: The Mansion Bali

Conference Resort Ubud

Newspolitans, Ubud meeting and conference resorts are becoming a destination for a group of corporate. There are some reasons that make Ubud becomes one of the most popular one for it. One of those reasons is its beauty and a peaceful spirit.

Ubud Meeting and Conference Resort
Aquaponic Rooftop Garden at Mansion Wellness

The Mansion Resort Hotel and Spa is one representative’s resorts for meetings and conferences. Nestled in a 4 hectares land and away from the traffic spot, this resort has two grand ballrooms. The first one is Pandawa Grand Ballroom and the other one is Mount Agung Ballroom. Pandawa Ballroom is able to accommodate up to 300 participants in the theatre style. While on the other hand, Mount Agung Ballroom is a little bit smaller. It can accommodate up to 200 participants only in theater style.

Ubud Meeting and Conference Resort
Mount Agung Ballroom at The Mansion Bali

Besides those different sizes, both of those grand ballrooms are so unique and classy. The Pandawa Ballroom comes with a beautiful hand-painted ceiling. On the other hand, Mount Agung Ballroom is set with fully furnished wood that makes it looked classy and elegant. These two grand ballrooms have hosted many big domestics and international events. It can accommodate Ubud meeting and conference resort.

Ubud Meeting and Conference Resort Is Becoming More Popular.

Another supporting facilities of The Mansion Resort for Ubud meeting and conference is the number of its rooms. This resort has over 150 rooms in total. It has not only a large number of rooms but also various room categories. The category starts from deluxe, grand deluxe, villa residence, family room, suites, and private pool villa. Amazingly, almost all of those are on the ground. In other words, it definitely offers a beautiful boutique resort concept.

Ubud Meeting and Conference Resort
Royal Mansion Shala at The Mansion Bali

For group meeting and conference, this resort offers a special rate for its clients. The rate is at a reasonable offer compared to its fantastic facilities. This resort has 8 public pools includes the twin toddler pools and its blue crystal pool at the rooftop. For those who love to do casual meetings, this resort has also more than 8 different yoga shalas, studio and lounges for that.

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