Conference Resort Ubud : The Mansion Bali


Newspolitans, Conference Resort Ubud definitely refers to The Mansion Bali. The resort which has two grand ballrooms has recently hosted many corporate conferences. Those two ballrooms are Pandawa and Mount Agung Ballroom.

Lately, Ubud is very popular for visitors due to its beauty. Consequently, they love to stay and spend their holiday here. The visitors are not only the free individual traveler but also group of visitors. One of those kinds of group visitors is the conference one. The conference visitors love to spend their time to do a conference and enjoy the holiday at the same time.

Conference Resort Ubud
Sunkiss Pool at The Mansion Bali

The rise in enthusiasm for that kind of visitor leads to the increasing number of conference resorts in Ubud. Therefore, recently some resorts completed their accommodation with a ballroom to grab this market.

Conference Resort Ubud Is At The Mansion Bali.

One of the most representative conference resort in Ubud is The Mansion Bali. Having operated since 1998, this resort is a perfect choice for the conference activity. In addtion to the previous information, Mount Agung Ballroom is able to host 200 pax in theater style. On the other hand, The Pandawa Ballroom is way bigger than it. The Pandawa Ballroom claims able to host 350 Pax.

Conference Resort Ubud
Mount Agung Ballroom at The Mansion Bali

The Mansion conference packages are available for both full and half board. “Most of the clients book the ballroom for a conference with a full board package. With 150 rooms and friendly crews, we are always ready for any conference” Angga said as The Corporate Sales and Marketing Manager.

The Mansion Bali With Its Beautiful Pools Enhances Customers’ Stay Experience.

Besides those two ballrooms, The Mansion Bali also has some other supporting facilities. Standing in 4 hectares of tropical ground, this resort offers various amazing functional areas. It has an iconic center stage with a huge artistic woven bamboo statue. Normally, this area is for cultural events or festivals. One of the most spectacular events they just have done for charity is “Bali Ecstatic Dance Festival 2019”. This is a collaboration event with some talented artists. It will probably be an annual event. Stay tune at BEDF for next year’s event.

Bali Ecstatic Dance Festival
Centre Stage The Mansion Bali

For a casual meeting event, customers can enjoy its yoga shalas facilities. It has 6 semi-outdoor shalas comes with different architectural style. Usually, all those shalas are for retreat activity. However, by request, it can be set up for a meeting activity.

Yoga Shalas In Ubud
Fly Shala at Mansion Wellness

For those who love to chill and float by the pools, The Mansion Bali has 6 public pools plus 2 kid pools. One of their newly built pool is “Rooftop Blue Crystal Pool”. This blue crystal pool is open for public at IDR 150K Net includes food credit.

Yoga Retreat In Ubud
Crystal Pool at Mansion Wellness

The Blue Crystal Water enlivens, revives and refreshes your entire self. It definitely creates a whole body and mind healing. The water has blue structure units. It can enhance and energize the water to the next level of vibration. This filtration creates extraordinarily minerals and crystal clear components. It is totally perfect for rejuvenating and restorative benefits. This blue crystal pool is an addition to Mansion Wellness Centre Products.

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