Couni Event, The Conscious Society Event On August 24th


Newspolitans,Couni Event is dedicated to lightworkers – inspirational human beings that have accepted their mission to heal others and the planet. It is our intention to share knowledge, wisdom and tools that will empower them to heal more people, faster and more effectively.

Planetary leaders in alignment with Couni mission will speak of technologies and solutions already in action that solve every problem in the world. The topics will range from biofuel, cryptocurrency and community, to technologies that solve world hunger.

Couni Event

Couni Event Detail Schedule :

8am-9am: Arrival
Angels, Fairies and Mermaids will greet each new arrival with a blessing; a warm hug, sage smudging, frequency tuning and sound alignment.

9am – 12pm: Power Morning
Couni Event will start the day as one with a Quantum Power Ritual Workshop led by Daniela Goulart. Awaken your physical body, activate supernatural programming, and connect with source through a specific routine that combines ancient wisdom with new technology. Grandmaster Ian Spartac will then take us on an evolutionary inner journey to awaken the memory of our past life animal incarnations.

12pm – 1.30pm: Vegan Buffet
Enjoy a spread of high quality and nourishing vegan food in the beautiful Mansion restaurant.

1.30pm – 3pm: Inspirational Talks
Sit back, relax and absorb inspirational and life changing content from conscious leaders, who will enlighten you with methods of how we can co-create a better world together.
Speakers will be announced soon

3pm – 3.30pm: Integration
Integrate the insights while enjoying coffee, beverages and light vegan snacks

3.30pm – 6pm: Facilitators: Workshops, Networking and Portrait photography
Participate in workshops and networking activities, build sacred connections and expand your circle of like-minded people.
Facilitators and workshops will be announced soon

6pm – 7.30pm: Vegan Feast
Savor the nurturing flavours of plant foods with a vegan feast.

7.30pm – 10pm: Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance with Povilas Brand
Open the heart with a sacred cacao ceremony, and activate the body with ecstatic dance – enjoy the sound of Bali’s most infamous up and coming DJ, Povilas Brand.

10pm: Closing circle
Povilas will lower the volume and guide each of us into a deep meditative state as we surrender in savasana.

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