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Newspolitans, Ecstatic Dance Festival Bali 2019 will be in Ubud. One of the beautiful boutique resorts The Mansion Resort Hotel and Spa is the location of it. This first-ever Bali Ecstatic Dance Festival is a two day /one-night festival. There will be over 24 hours of dance, workshops, talks, ceremonies, rituals, swimming pools, performance and community collaborations across all things body, mind and spirit.

Ecstatic Dance Festival Bali 2019 Will Offer You An Exciting Experience.

2 FULL DAYS AND 1 FULL NIGHT all under the auspiciousness of a total solar eclipse (happening on the other side of the world at exactly 2:22am Bali time).

This festival is perfect for those who dance every day, and for those who need to. The Bali Ecstatic Dance Festival is designed as an interactive experience.

You may Choose between action or inaction; dance floor or day bed; massage or meditation. With over 15 different arenas, you will find you fit perfectly in. Also, you can vibrate at optimum all day with other high vibing
optimum humans!

Ecstatic Dance Festival Bali 2019


Ecstatic Dance is a weekly dance ritual without drugs and alcohol. It is just a dj and a dancefloor. In fact,it is an evolution of conventional nightlife. Moreover, it is an antidote to our human need to get down at the end of the week. Ecstatic dance is in cities all over the world. People of all walks of life are now coming together to dance without words, phones or inhibitions. Matter of fact,the results are so rewarding! It has been referred to as: “The flowering fusion between the intention of yoga and the radness of an epic dance party.”


Ecstatic Dance is as much about community as it is about dance.Hence, we are opening up our festival to YOU to share YOUR passion. The community depends on contributions from its members. Consequently, we are inviting you to share your skills and art. Across all arenas we will be showcasing the talent and energy of our dance family. We encourage you to think about what you have to share, even just a song or a prayer is welcome.


Our tickets are not classed. There is no guest list and no VIP section. Therefore, at Bali Ecstatic Dance Festival, we see no division between artists and audience. We are all artists and contributors to life force energy! As a result, we believe the more we remove these artificial lines that separate us, the more we empower our collective culture.It is to shine and unwind together which is a core principle of Ecstatic Dance!

The tickets are structured in a similar way to Burning Man: a sharing economy.

First we get our ticket; Then we get creative. One admission exchange for everyone attending, including artists and festival architects. This ensures we are all invested equally and collectively. By each micro-contributing to cover the costs of this big ceremony, we ensure that it is, in fact, OUR ceremony. We have kept the ticket price as low as possible, with 100% of profits going to local youth charities.

IDR555K  | €35  | US$40  | AU$55
( this special price is limited to the first 55 tickets! )

Ecstatic Dance Festival Bali 2019’s Fun Is Fractal

We party with a purpose. If we generate profit, we pay it all forward. We are not here celebrating our privilege.We are here fractalizing it into the larger community wherein we dwell. All profits of the Bali Ecstatic Dance Festival will go to local youth initiatives.For instances: educational and recreational spaces for the integration and interactivity of all children that call Bali home. It is central to our vision that we empower our community through ecstatic dance, not deplete it thru commercialization. It’s not complicated. It’s kindness.

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