The Great 50 Show|Oriental Circus Indonesia

The Great 50 Show Bali

Newspolitans, To celebrate a 50-year journey of Oriental Circus Indonesia, They gladly to present “The Great 50 Show” The amazing performances that will lead you to another world of fantasy, unlike anything that you ever have seen before and become one of the best circuses in Indonesia.

Oriental Circus Indonesia presents its biggest show since it was established in 1967. The great 50 show is packed with world-class acts, which will make your dream,laugh and sometimes jump off your seat. For the first time, the show combines classic circus with new technologies (drone,laser,video mapping) and live music for the pleasure of the entire family.

Inspired by the true story of the founder of the oriented circus Indonesia.The great 50 show takes public on a journey through the rich 50-year history of the Oriental Circus and The Making of Modern Indonesia.

After a successful tour in Surabaya, The Great 50 Show will hit Bali for this May at Sunset Road Kuta Bali. It will start on May 1st, 2019 from Tuesday to Sunday with two times show at 04.00 PM and 07.00 PM. An array of facilities such as food corner by Eat & Eat, official merchandise shop, photo booth and circus studio will complete your fantasy experience.

For more info please direct to : Sintyarani, Phone: 082237786855,email: