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Ubud Wellness The Mansion Wellness

Newspolitans, Ubud wellness recently became very popular. This happens because Ubud is very famous not only for its nature but also for wellness. Many say the word Ubud derives from ubad.Ubad means healer. For the reason that, Ubud is an identical area for wellness. Likewise, many visitors feel the positive vibration in it.

Many of us know that there are some fabulous wellnesses in Ubud. However,at this moment we are reviewing The Mansion Wellness Center. During the soft opening, this wellness name is The Ubud Wellness Centre. After all it changed to The Mansion Wellness Center. As a result, now many visitors can easier find this wellness.

Ubud Wellness The Mansion Wellness

The Mansion Wellness Center is a one-stop wellness service. Set in a tropical water garden resort makes this wellness is so peaceful. As soon as customers step in, and then they will feel the meaning of relaxation. Customers can enjoy their whole day full of treats. In other words, this wellness is encompassing whole health and holistic space. Hence, One can come to escape from the intensity of life.As a result, they will get a complete internal and external transformation.

Similar to some other wellness, The Mansion Wellness offers various types of treatment. Surprisingly, this wellness keeps improving the product service time by time. Consequently, customers feel so happy to come and enjoy some different treatments regularly.

Among the treatments it has, it shows that 5 Elements Acupuncture and Craniosacral is the most favorite one.Ged Ferguson as the master of this treatment will always be so pleasant to customers.

Ubud Wellness at The Mansion Wellness Center offers various exceptional treatment. Those are  :

  1. Naturopathy
  2. Iridology
  3. Osteopathy
  4. 5 Element Acupuncture
  5. Craniosacral
  6. Functional
  7. Medicine
  8. Whole Body Screening
  9. Dentistry
  10. Anti Aging,
  11. Cleansing and Detox
  12. Immune Boosters
  13. Nutrition and Herbs
  14. Bodywork
  15. Spa and Massage Therapies
  16. Breathwork
  17. Healing Art Movements
  18. Access Consciousness Facilitator
Ubud Wellness The Mansion Wellness

There are the alliance of certified practitioners and facilitators for each treatment. However, due to schedule availability, mostly customers always make an appointment in advance. Besides those various treatments, The Mansion Wellness Center has also complete supporting facilities and activities. Those are:

  1. Pools & Jacuzzis  (include the blue crystal water)
  2. Steam & Infra Red Sauna
  3. Retreats
  4. Workshops
  5. Hiring Venues (up to 400 pax)
  6. Restaurants
  7. Event Organizer
  8. Daily Yoga Class (Lynger,Acro,Fly,etc )
  9. Weekly Events
  10. Weekly Meditations (Include Reiki)
  11. Teacher Training

The blue crystal water pool is the special one among the pools in it.

The blue crystal water enlivens, revives, and refreshes your entire self. Moreover, this crystal water can create a whole body and mind healing.This water is filtered by Crystal blue structured units.It enhances and energizes the water, to the next level of vibration.  The filtering creates extraordinary minerals and crystal clear components. These components have proven to enhance the water´s vitalizing, restorative and rejuvenating benefits. Soaking in this soft crystal blue water, creates more healthy skin, hair, and well-being. Amazingly, this blue water has vortex at 432-hertz frequency which is the same frequency as our heart.

The Mansion Wellness Centre is at Jalan Penestanan Sayan No 7.Some awards are the pieces of evidence of it. It won the prestigious “World Luxury Spa Awards” as “Best Luxury Hotel Spa – Country Winner 2011”. Having won as “Best Luxury Medical Spa – Country Winner 2012”. Furthermore, Conde Nast Johansens in 2013 gave it award for its epicurean collection of Luxury Spas.

For more info of The Mansion Wellness Centre, please direct to www.themansionwellnesscentre.com or visit it directly at your own convenience.


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