8 Great Places To Enjoy Afternoon Tea in Bali


When you are planning your trip in Bali, you may think you will spend your time at the beach, seeing Bali’s culture/favorite places, enjoying your cocktails with pretty sunset or shopping for whole day.

Afternoon tea in Bali may not include on your travel list, but when you think how enjoyable afternoon tea in summer is, and want to feel this royal event as a Queen, then you should try this royal event on your holiday in Bali. It is also perfect break for kids or family on your great evening. In our today’s post, we are listing down 8 Great Places for Having Afternoon Tea in Bali to check out:

1. Metis Bali 


Metis Bali is situated in the heart destination of Seminyak, Petitenget. But for the new comers the restaurant can be consider as a hidden gem. As from the main road, you would not realize that it is a restaurant, it is typically more seems like art galleries if you see from the front of restaurant, this is the first thing that make this restaurant so unique from its designed.

The favorite place for having afternoon tea at Metis Bali is at its Metis Lounge that is situated directly behind the restaurant overlooking the beautiful lit garden and it is truly trendy ambiance. As this restaurant is specialized in French Mediterranean, you will be treated with the sweet selection that stood out, starting from their cakes to macaroons and the crème brulee each piece melted in your mouth.

They have 2 packages of afternoon tea, Melati package with rate IDR 325.000++ for 2 people and Alamanda package with the rate IDR 210.000++ for 2 people and of course they also provide coffee and tea selection to complete your afternoon tea. This restaurant is “cannot-miss” spot in Bali. You can use Seminyak Line and have a stop at Fave Hotel Umalas, you would walk for 2 minutes for getting the Metis Bali. The rate is IDR 20.000 for single trip.  

ADDRESSJl. Petitenget No. 6, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Bali
PHONE +62 361 4737888
WEBSITE  www.metisbali.com

2. The Mulia Resort Bali 


Getting your afternoon tea in the 5 stars’ hotel in Nusa Dua, The Mulia Bali Resort is going to be your unforgettable chance. There is nothing could change your perfect afternoon tea at The Mulia Bali Resort while experiencing panoramic views of Indian Ocean at their Cascade Lounge.

They provide classic and Indonesian high tea service on sterling tea stands. Finger sandwiches galore, chocolate praline, freshly baked scones with preserved fruit and of course their frozen yogurt will welcome you if you decide to try their classic high tea. And if you have another chance you should try their Indonesian high tea, in which you will try traditional Indonesian dishes i.e. spring roll and serabi cake (a rice flour and mix with coconut milk pancake and usually eaten with thick golden-brownish colored sweet sugar).

Great afternoon tea in Bali will be yours at The Mulia Bali Resort. You can use Nusa Dua Line and have a stop at The Bale, you would walk for 3 minutes for going to The Mulia Bali Resort. The rate is IDR 50.000 for single trip. 

ADDRESSJl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Kawasan Sawangan, Nusa Dua, Bali 
PHONE +62 361 3027777
WEBSITE www.themulia.com

3. Rimba Jimbaran 


Imagine your self is sitting in beautiful lush orchids garden with crystal clear water while enjoying your afternoon tea with your family or your friends. Visiting Orchids Tea Lounge, Rimba Jimbaran is a must. With the grand opening of Orchid Tea Lounge at the Rimba Jimbaran gives guests more reasons to visit this world class accommodation. It is situated at the back of the resort across the large park land area.

They have very unique concept of afternoon tea in which their decoration of lounge with pretty glass room decorated with white orchids inside. They provide more than 50 varieties of loose leaf teas, as well as coffee, delicious pastries, sweets and afternoon light bites. While enjoying your relaxing afternoon tea you will be pleased with music performance by traditional virtuoso that create Balinese traditional atmosphere. Quiet and peaceful place for sure! You can use Jimbaran Line and have a stop at Rimba bus stop. The rate is IDR 40.000 for single trip. 

ADDRESSJl. Karang Mas, Jimbaran, Bali 
PHONE +62 361 8468468
WEBSITE www.rimbajimbaran.com

4. Bisma Eight Ubud 


What’s better than Afternoon Tea session with beautiful view of Balinese sunset? Getting your afternoon tea at Eight Bisma Ubud you will be amazed with their prettiest sunset when you enjoy your afternoon tea in the evening. Situated a few minutes away from Central Ubud, Bisma Eight Ubud offers spacious selection of snacks and drinks to joy. Decorated like a pool bar in tropical island, you will fall in love at the first sight to the pavilion. All the savory items were very well-prepared and had balanced flavors and dressings.

They provide traditional, gluten free or vegan afternoon tea set with the rate IDR 120.000 – IDR 140.000 for 2 people which includes a pot of tea of coffee each. You can also have an amazing endless swimming pool if you want to cool off yourself. You can do so after your afternoon tea with the additional fee IDR 60.000. Great value!  You can use Ubud Line and have a stop at Museum Puri Lukisan, you would walk for 7 minutes for going to Bisma Eight. The rate is IDR 80.000 for single trip. 

ADDRESSJl. Bisma No. 68 Ubud, Bali 
PHONE +62 361 4792888
WEBSITE www.bisma-eight.com 

5. Biku Bali 


An all-time favorite of afternoon tea is at Biku Restaurant, which is situated in Petitenget. Biku is designed in a lovely colonial Joglo, seated amongst the dark teak timbers. You truly may feel like you have stepped back in the time to ancient Indonesia as Biku takes on a life of its own in a historic 150 years old Teak Joglo from East Java. Even though it seems like traditional designed restaurant but they also mix the restaurant’s designed with modern touch.

Your beautiful afternoon tea will be provided with a tower of fine china, lane of sandwiches, sweet cakes and scones with cream or jam with your choice of tea. The afternoon tea rate is IDR 105.000++ per person. You can use Seminyak Line and have a stop at Ibis Style Petitenget, you would walk for 7 minutes for going to Biku Bali. The rate is IDR 20.000 for single trip. 

ADDRESSJl. Petitenget No. 888, Seminyak, Bali
PHONE +62 361 972085
WEBSITE www.bikubali.com 

6. Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort 


Chill and relax yourself with the perfect views of the ocean as well as beautiful sunset for your special afternoon tea at the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. Their special afternoon tea themed is “Fashion A to Tea”, a stylish way to enjoy the cultural activity a.k.a for its soothing and social aspect. Fashion A to Tea is an ideal afternoon tea for those who want to relax yourself from your busy day.

They provide various options of afternoon tea to satisfy your taste buds either sweet or savory palates. Their tea selections are from Dilmah, a unique family owned brand that consider tea “Nature’s gift to mankind”. You will enjoy Dilmah Tea series i.e Single Estate Oolong, traditional Pu Erh, as well as Rose with French Vanilla, available in hot or cold. With the rate IDR 129.000++ per person you deserve to enjoy your fashionable afternoon tea at the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort.

You can use Kuta Line for going to Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort with the rate IDR 20.000 for single trip. You can use Kuta Line and have a stop at Beachwalk for going to Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. The rate is IDR 20.000 for single trip. 

ADDRESSJl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Bali 
PHONE +62 361 8465555
WEBSITE www.sheratonbalikuta.com 

7. St. Regis Bali Resort 


Having your afternoon tea session at the resort’s legendary King Cole Bar is almost impossible thing to refuse. The St. Regis Hotel’s iconic afternoon tea may have originated in New York, but now you can experience in Bali. Menu offerings include finger sandwiches, lobster pie, smoked salmon, and freshly baked scones. And don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolates, cakes, ice cream, and house-made praline.

 To complete your afternoon tea, your experience is enhanced by the soothing sounds of live classic pianist. With the rate IDR 350.000 per person you will get this amazing afternoon tea experience in Bali. You can use Nusa Dua Line and have a stop at The Bale for going to St Regis Bali Resort. The rate is IDR 50.000 for single trip. 

ADDRESSKawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua, Bali 
PHONE +62 361 8478111
WEBSITE www.stregisbali.com 

8. The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa Ubud

The Mansion Resort Ubud Bali

Located in Sayan Ubud, This 5 Stars Boutique Resort has a new rooftop “Plumeria Resto” which is set in The Mansion Wellness Centre area. It is dedicated not only for wellness and yoga,but also for tea time.

Your tea time experience becomes more pleasant with its blue crystal pool. In such pools the chlorine must be present and active at all times, whereas in blue crystal pools the two treatments work together so that the chlorine is completely spent and no longer present or active allowing you to swim chlorine free, while still being protected by Blue Crystal. It is totally perfect for rejuvenation.

The tea time menu are varies such as samosa, tacos, spring roll, sandwich, chocolate cake, various cold and hot tea or coffee, fresh coconut, and many more. They also do a classic piano performance every friday on site to entertain the visitors. The price starts from IDR 75K depends on your consume.

ADDRESSJalan Penestanan,Sayan,Ubud-Bali
PHONE +62 361 972616
WEBSITE www.themansionbali.com

Source Credit : Kura-kura Guide


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